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Company Overview
Today's social doll machines are already well-known industries. There are many people in the same industry in the market who are moving toward this trend, but we are different from most companies.​

Some players in the market are based on unfounded short-term interests.​

In order to maintain a competitive position LIDO TRADING SDN.BHD. Has launched its own business plan and irreplaceable soft toys.​

We have our own factory to ensure the customer protection of all purchased machines. Not only that, but our company has already cooperated with many manufacturers.​

Produce our own dolls. To this day, we have produced more than 80 types of dolls. In the marketing aspect, the customer is happy with the principle of small profits but quick turnover.​

We offer services such as buying and selling machines and wholesale dolls. Currently there are about 30 companies that we trade with.​

Buying and selling wholesale is the company's distribution company more important is claw machine.​

our company currently has 11 branches, 2 factories and 1 shop in Malaysia. There are more than 500 machines in Malaysia. Each of our own store designs is carefully designed by the designer. From the first look, it can immediately attract customers' attention and bring customers and landmarks to the mall.




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